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Advancing Molecular Science in Infectious Disease Care
xy = Chromosomes,  M = Molecular,  Bio = Biology
The Industry

xymbio is a biotechnology company focused on improving  healthcare outcomes from Infectious Disease. xymbio’s advanced, proprietary solution combines technology, diagnostics, data management, decision platforms and outcomes analysis utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI).  With the largest data set of Infectious Disease targets available in the world, xymbio offers tremendous flexibility, extremely precise diagnosis, treatment guidance for patients and improved antibiotic stewardship – All within 24 hours. No more waiting days to get results from a culture.

What’s behind the “Bug” design?


TESTING: xymbio’s qPCR (Quantitative polymerase chain reaction) testing is at the molecular level and far different then the use of growing cultures in a dish and waiting days for results.

qPCR: Rapid and Simultaneous Detection of Viruses Bacteria, Parasites and Fungi for Rapid Results with Extreme Specificity (Bugs, bugs, bugs)

TRANSPORTATION REGULATIONS (A Rigid Box): The transportation of infectious disease (ID) material (swabs) requires very specific handing and materials. The infectious disease material is placed in four containers one within the other. First is a sealed plastic container, then  a “biobag” with an absorbent pad, followed by a rigid outer box that is placed inside the transportation bag (Fedex shipping bag).

The corrugated or rigid Bug Box serves more than one purpose. First and foremost it fulfills the requirement of being rigid offering secure transportation of infectious disease material and equally as important, branding.

The box was designed to standout in the typically plain and sterile environment of a doctors office or hospital setting. The bold and colorful design also signal to both patient and provider that something is different… As in a whole new way of testing and providing of results. The message of the outer design is supported by printed materials inserted in the box, as well as, online and outreach programs to the user.

Brochure Design
Logo Design, product label design, graphic design, marketing, creative, package design
branding, Logo Design, Multimedia Marketing Campaign Example
branding, Logo Design, Multimedia Marketing Campaign Example
Logo Design, Multimedia Marketing Campaign Example

Important Note: The handling, shipping and testing of Infectious Disease (ID) material carries very strict regulations. The forms doctors use to indicate which tests the laboratory should run are also highly specific and regulated.