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Why A Frog Mascot?

THE FROG: “From Idea To Object” illustrates the point that 3D printers bring your ideas to life. 3D Herndon often hands out a 3D printed frog as their tchotchke give-away. This idea was incorporated into their marketing, thereby giving life and character to an otherwise technical sales process. The 3D printed frog also demonstrates the ability of 3D printers to print dynamic shapes,  in multi-color, and/or by using many different material substrates.

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3d Herndon, Creative Video Content for Marketing, art, logo
3d Herndon, Creative Video Content for Marketing

3D Herndon is a distinctive full-service provider in the realms of 3D printing, 3D scanning, and prototype design. They deliver an extensive assortment of leading 3D printers, scanners, and related software tailored for professional use, serving the needs of educators, engineers, artists, and entrepreneurs. The company stands out for its comprehensive range of services and products, suggesting a commitment to supporting a variety of professional 3D printing and scanning endeavors.