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Water glass image captured via timed exposure. All done “in camera” with a water splashed behind glass.

Polaroid, photography, studio photography, set design, art direction
Polaroid, photography, studio photography, set design, art direction, a photo of a water glass getting hit with water from behind
Signature Image

A synchronized shot captured in studio became Premier’s signature image on all marketing, packaging, and promotional materials. A set was constructed using a hose connected to a compressor and filled with water and aimed at the back of the glass. Sample Polaroid shots, shown here, are example practice shots. The set (sand, glass, and water) was completely reset between each image capture. In the final shot, notice how the water forms a halo around the entire glass. No Photoshop effects here!

Signature Image Incorporated

The water glass “signature” shot was also created with package labeling and shelf positioning in mind. The image dominates the labeling to grab the shoppers attention as they stroll the isles of Lowe’s and Costco Wholesale stores two of Premier’s major retailers. Additionally, product shots were captured with similar lighting and coloring to accentuate the simplicity and bold elegance of the Premier product line. Tag line: Clean and Clear by Premier.

Brand Analysis

A brand analysis was first completed to ensure market alignment. This analysis fed the creative strategy, creative brief, and the various creative team members including outside vendor participation. A clear understanding of the brand and the creative strategy allowed every member to quickly engage in the creative for a more effective solution across photography, label design, marketing collateral design, and retail display design.

Product photography, studio photography, art direction, creative direction, product marketing
Branding, marketing, retail market