Marketing and Graphic Design

From Idea To Impact

Creative Design, Branding, Marketing Strategy & Execution

Creating Clear Differentiation

We excel at executing on complex projects with a focus on brand alignment, strategy, design and technology across multi-channel media. Kinetix Group provides marketing and creative that generate customer engagements and lifts brands.
  • Branding and brand re-alignment
  • Marketing strategies and customer engagements
  • Creative strategy and graphic design services
  • Digital: Web design, social media, digital asset services
  • Image: Photography, video, broadcast media
Kinetix Group
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Alchemy for Success

Successful strategies derived from an aligned brand, targeted creative and dogged analytics

Experience Our Strategizer Process

Driving Customer Action

Drawing on experience developing national brands, creating marketing campaigns and targeted creative design, we build customized digital, print, and broadcast media that drive engagement action.

Brand Building

Every brand has a backstory – a reason for existing and for client engagement. Your brand’s backstory is the beginning of your identity development (logo). The better aligned your backstory is to your image, the more it will resonate with your customer.


logo development

Online Prescriptions for ADHD

Zig, Zag, or Zigzag

Developing a brand or product line image means carving out a space where customers can clearly see your difference and the benefit of working with you. The key is in knowing when and how to Zig, Zag or even Zigzag creatively and in your marketing.

BearSnot – Outdoor Conservation Brand
A Little Brand Building Insight

Brand Building: A New Brand World (Scott Dedbury)