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Marketing and Creative Services


Brace yourselves, marketing world! Scott Farmer, the creative wizard behind many marketing and creative campaigns, is on the market and looking for his next adventure. Imagine a blend of traditional skills and digital savvy – that’s Scott in a nutshell. He’s like a marketing Swiss Army knife, but with more tools and less risk of injury.

Scott’s skill set is wider than a super-sized pizza. He’s got brand development, marketing communications, and can even make e-commerce sound exciting. His secret sauce? A sprinkle of Six Sigma wisdom and a dollop of Dr. Mikel Harry’s insights. The result? Campaigns that pop like a perfectly timed confetti cannon.

Need someone who understands your audience better than they understand themselves? Scott’s your guy. He tells stories that stick and crafts visuals that dazzle. And he’s as adaptable as a chameleon in a rainbow, keeping pace with the ever-spinning world of trends and tech.

Scott’s brand strategies are like a heartfelt hug from your favorite brand – genuine, warm, and memorable. When it comes to web development or e-commerce, think user-centered design with all the bells and whistles, but none of the annoying jargon.

Did you say graphic design? Scott’s the maestro, orchestrating corporate, retail, B2B, and B2C projects with the finesse of a seasoned conductor. He’s a budget-whisperer, making every penny count like a thrifty magician.

As Scott Farmer gears up for his next chapter he may be reached anytime: Say Hello

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Free-thinking Marketing and Creative Services


Offering comprehensive marketing and creative services, Scott Farmer excels in both traditional and digital realms. He specializes in inventive and strategic advertising solutions across print, social media, websites, and beyond, drawing inspiration from B2B and B2C channels. He skillfully integrates groundbreaking technology and cultural insights to engage diverse audiences, creating immersive experiences and memorable campaigns. Scott excels in strategy development and execution, leveraging emerging tech for personalized advertising. Committed to excellence, he crafts campaigns that resonate deeply, ensuring your message captivates and inspires action across all platforms. Ready to “Chop the water and carry the wood.”

Marketing and Creative Services

From Idea To Impact

Scott Farmer, the free-thinking marketing and creative force behind Kinetix Group, specializes in crafting brand development, marketing communications, packaging, social media marketing, and e-commerce solutions (Shopify/Woocommerce). With an unwavering passion for delivering revenue-boosting creative content to a wide list of esteemed partners, Scott excels at translating intricate creative concepts into compelling multi-channel marketing campaigns, consistently achieving exceptional results even within demanding timeframes and budgetary constraints. 

Drawing on his background of contributing to The Six Sigma Academy, much of Dr. Mikel Harry’s wisdom on continual improvement and iterative enhancement has significantly shaped Scott’s approach to each project. Scott’s creative and marketing expertise, combined with his agency experiences, has played a pivotal role in shaping his approach to creative and marketing, always with a focus on clients’ bottom-line revenue growth.

An effective creative design strategy begins by deeply understanding the target audience, their preferences, and the overarching goals of the project. It involves a holistic approach that integrates creative thinking, market research, and a clear understanding of the brand’s identity. A well-crafted design strategy emphasizes storytelling and visual communication, ensuring that every element, from typography to imagery, serves a purpose in conveying the intended message. Collaboration and iterative feedback within creative teams play a pivotal role in refining design concepts. Striking a balance between innovation and consistency, while staying adaptable to evolving trends and technologies, is vital for creating compelling and resonant design solutions that leave a lasting impact.

An effective marketing strategy involves a thorough understanding of the target audience, market research, and data-driven decision-making. It starts with clear and measurable objectives, followed by the development of a well-defined brand message and value proposition that resonates with customers. Leveraging multiple marketing channels and platforms, including digital and traditional methods, while keeping a keen eye on ROI and performance metrics, is essential. Regularly analyzing and adapting the strategy based on customer behavior and market dynamics, coupled with consistent and engaging content creation, helps maintain a competitive edge and drive sustainable growth. Effective collaboration between marketing teams, creative departments, and data analysts is key to successful strategy execution.

Best practices in brand strategy involve defining a clear and compelling brand identity that resonates with the target audience and aligns with the company’s values and mission. This includes developing a unique value proposition, a consistent visual and verbal brand identity, and a well-defined brand personality. Effective brand strategies prioritize authenticity and transparency, fostering trust and emotional connections with customers. Additionally, brand consistency across all touchpoints, from marketing materials to customer interactions, is crucial. Regularly monitoring and adapting the brand strategy in response to market trends and consumer feedback ensures relevance and longevity in a competitive landscape.

Today’s best practices for website design, particularly in e-commerce, emphasize user-centered approaches and seamless experiences. Key elements include mobile responsiveness, intuitive navigation, speed, and performance optimization, simplified checkout processes, high-quality content and imagery, security measures, user-friendly search options, clear calls to action, accessibility considerations, social proof integration, A/B testing, personalization based on user data, responsive customer support, analytics for user behavior insights, design consistency, mobile payment integration, Progressive Web App (PWA) features for enhanced functionality, and SEO optimization. Combining these elements creates a user-friendly, visually appealing website. User testing and feedback are essential for fine-tuning the design to meet specific audience needs, while continuous updates based on user behavior and industry trends ensure competitiveness in the online landscape.

Kinetix Group offers comprehensive graphic design services, boasting extensive experience across various business disciplines such as corporate, retail, B2B, and B2C. Our expertise spans marketing collateral development, brand strategy execution, creative and art direction, package design, and a deep understanding of the print industry. We excel in optimizing budgets for maximum impact, ensuring our designs and messaging resonate across print media, digital platforms, social media, and beyond, effectively supporting our clients’ diverse needs.

Scott Farmer offers a comprehensive suite of marketing services, excelling in both traditional and digital marketing realms. His expertise includes crafting inventive and strategic marketing solutions across various channels such as print, social media, and websites, drawing from extensive B2B and B2C insights. He adeptly integrates advanced technology and cultural insights to create immersive experiences, excelling in strategy development and execution, and crafting campaigns that resonate deeply and inspire action all within tight deadlines and constrained budgets.

In the realm of creative services, Scott's approach is holistic, emphasizing deep understanding of the target audience, integrating creative thinking with market research, and maintaining a clear grasp of brand identity. His strategies are centered around storytelling and visual communication, ensuring every design element effectively conveys the intended message. This involves collaboration and iterative feedback within creative teams, striking a balance between innovation and consistency, and adapting to evolving trends and technologies​.

Scott Farmer's graphic design background showcases his traditional training and skills in digital media. Kinetix Group's extensive graphic design services span across corporate, retail, B2B, and B2C disciplines, encompassing marketing collateral development, brand strategy execution, creative and art direction, package design, and a deep understanding of the print industry. This expertise ensures that designs and messaging resonate across multiple platforms, effectively supporting diverse client needs.

Scott have honed a diverse skill set that encompasses both comprehensive marketing services and effective management abilities. I am experienced in planning, coordinating, and supervising daily operations across various projects, ensuring each task aligns with our larger goals. My approach includes attentively addressing and responding to client needs, as well as efficiently managing resources and staff to meet project demands. I place strong emphasis on communication, capable of engaging with a variety of organizations and groups to develop and coordinate activities. Additionally, I bring skills in negotiation and technical consultancy, coupled with the ability to manage budgets effectively, ensuring fiscal responsibility aligns with creative strategy. My experience positions me well to thrive in dynamic environments, particularly in translating complex concepts into successful marketing campaigns within tight deadlines and budgetary limits.

Independent creative and marketing communications for small business. From idea to impact: creative with a purpose.