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Precision Healthcare
Offering Coronavirus (COVID-19) qPCR Testing

CUUR Diagnostics was founded by experienced medical scientists and healthcare professionals to utilize industry leading equipment including the latest technologies from ThermoFisher; are staffed by a premier team of licensed, experienced scientists and laboratory technicians; and have up to date protocols conducted in modern state-of-the-art laboratories. We operate under the CAP and CLIA quality standards and have received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the U.S. FDA.

Early detection is possible by molecular assay as it detects the viral nucleic acid or virus, which can detect as early as exposure – meaning before infection has initiated in the body. According to the CDC symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure making early detection an important tool in the fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Rapid Results

Industry leading testing turnaround times to accelerate patient recovery.

Molecular Diagnosis

Ability to identify pathogenic genotype with the highest sensitivity and specificity.

Antimicrobial Resistance

Identification of resistance genes can rapidly improve treatment and outcomes paradigms.

Comprehensive Panels

Easily identify complicated infections with multiple pathogenic and non-pathogenic micro-organisms.

Antimicrobial Stewardship

Rapid test results and highly precise diagnosis allows accurate targeting of ID with proper antibiotic or antimicrobial.

Actionable Information

Receive ID diagnosis and treatment plan including region specific data to help guide clinical decisions.

Eliminate Trial and Error

Reduce or perhaps eliminate trial and error diagnosis and medication or loss of valuable time in patient care.

Complex Biofilm Samples

More easily identify complex multi pathogenic and mixed biofilm samples.

Extreme Sensitivity and Specificity

Identification of resistance genes rapidly changes treatment and outcome paradigm.

High Throughput PCR Testing
:: End-to-end collection and testing services.
PCR Collection

Complete services for the high throughput collection of your samples

PCR Testing

Samples are tested using extremely accurate molecular laboratory testing

24hr Results

PCR testing results are returned within 24 hours of receipt in laboratory

Environmental Testing (Air)

SuurAir: Non-invasive testing of the air we breathe for airborne pathogens including COVID-19

The Cuur Diagnostic laboratories are specifically designed and managed to help fight pandemics such as the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Pandemic.
Cuur Diagnostics offers comprehensive solutions to Institutions in need of high throughput PCR molecular testing.
Polymerase Chain Reaction

Polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, is a laboratory technique to make many copies of a specific DNA region(amplify) in vitro (in a test tube rather than an organism). … In PCR, the reaction is repeatedly cycled through a series of temperature changes, which allow many copies of the target region to be produced. PCR testing can produce a billion copies of the target sequence in just a few hours.

COVID-19 Infectious Disease Air Collection Solution
Confidence in the Air We Breathe

CUUR Health  offers SuurAir, a comprehensive solution to environmental (air) monitoring for COVID-19 and other airborne pathogens. SuurAir services include consultation with our experts, epidemiology guidance, PCR  testing, and scientific data interpretation for results.

1: Consultation
2: Air Monitoring
3: PCR Lab Testing
4: Testing Results

Supported by CUUR Health’s CuurCloud LIS Solution. Making online results reporting easy and convenient.

How Does COVID-19 Spread?
COVID-19 spreads when an infected person breathes out droplets and very small particles that contain the virus. These droplets and particles can be breathed in by other people or land on their eyes, noses, or mouth.
Infectious Disease Collection Kit
Infectious Disease Testing Kit

The CUUR BOX Includes Everything You Need To Collect, Pack and Ship A Patient Specimen.

Supported by CuurCloud LIS:


Short Turnaround and Accurate PCR Diagnostics Can Mean Faster Patient Recovery


Antimicrobial Resistance

According to the Surgeon General, Antibiotic (also known as Antimicrobial) resistance has reached the level of becoming a public health crisis. FROM REPORT: The primary driver of antibiotic resistance is the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics are lifesaving drugs that offer tremendous benefits to patients with infections. Yet, studies have demonstrated that treatment indication, choice of agent, or duration of therapy can be incorrectly prescribed 30%–50% of the time.,Additionally, antibiotics often are used for longer-than-recommended durations or for treatment of colonizing or contaminating microorganisms. When incorrect prescribing of antibiotics includes unnecessary use, it exposes individual patients to potential complications of antibiotic therapy without any therapeutic benefit.

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) infectious disease testing can reduce the need for or help providers prescribe the correct antibiotic. Thereby, reducing the use of ineffective antibiotics and increasing antibiotic resistance.

CUUR Diagnostics offers many infectious disease testing panels each with targets designed to specifically target the offending pathogen. Testing and diagnostics can be performed quickly allowing physicians to prescribe targeted antibiotics. Better targeted diagnostics means better outcomes for patients.

Advanced Toxicology Laboratory Testing​
A CUUR Diagnostics Partner Laboratory

Assurity Laboratory is a premier full-service toxicology laboratory. This state-of-the-art laboratory solution was designed to provide accurate, precise and timely results for  toxicological infectious disease.