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Scott farmer
Scott Farmer
Director of Marketing and Creative Services

From humble beginnings as a graphic designer in a Washington, DC design firm to owner and accomplished marketing creative and brand developer, I learned exactly how creative design and marketing fuse for more effective client success.

My experience has been forged in the demanding and fast-paced agency environment with a proven track record of developing brands and creating and executing campaigns that increase both growth and revenue. Activities include distilling complex creative concepts into customer engaging, multi-channel marketing campaigns within tight deadlines and budgets.

As an experienced entrepreneur operating in the “personal success comes from client success” environment, I understand how to effectively and quickly develop strategies that focus winning creative ideas within a budget. Every business owner knows, there is little room in small business for marketing missteps. Budget management against results is key.

The fire in my belly comes from the thrill of helping business owners effectively develop their brand, align their creative, focus their strategies, and execute their marketing.

The late Dr. Mikel Harry of the Six Sigma Management Institute (SSMI) is among my past clients and has greatly influenced my data-driven approach to both design and marketing. Now, Six Sigma concepts like Lean Manufacturing and Design for Manufacturability play a part in my approach. In today’s data-driven and cluttered social media environments, the Six Sigma DMAIC (Design, Manufacture, Analyze, Improve, and Control) methodology helps cut to the chase of what is effective visual communication practices.

Over the years, I have helped a variety of clients from small businesses owners, startup companies, to established brands and fortune 500 companies across a myriad of industries nationwide. No matter the brand or the industry, I know how to apply proven principles to drive engagement.

kinetix Group
Teams of highly skilled professionals vetted and assembled for your specific company’s marketing and design needs

Scott has personally assembled and vetted effective teams of individuals and companies, each highly respected in their field, specifically to address the marketing needs companies face in today’s message-saturated landscape. Taking a que from Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing our teams are only assembled when needed. Each member shares the Kinetix Group philosophical approach to design and marketing and understands the direct tie between creativity and effectiveness. They are all truly driven by client success. There is NO need for you to pay for company overhead you never use.

Much like NASA assembling one team for reaching the moon and another team to analyze what is found on the moon.

Whether you are in need of strategy, creative, collateral production, offset printing, video capture, digital media or email marketing we have the experts vetted and ready to rocket ride your brand. See full capabilities list.

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